Laminates & Prepregs

TUC's lead free process compatible products are RoHS compliant and survive lead free assemble with SnAgCu alloys at 260°C. Proven in the assembly line and certified by major EMS providers, TUC base materials have low CTE, excellent dimensional stability, and are CAF resistant and cost effective.

Insulated Metal Substrate Materials

Insulated Metal Substrate Material, offer you an effective solution to the thermal problem in electronic field. With high thermal conductive insulator on Aluminum or Copper, it rapidly transfers the heating from component side to the back of the substrate. There are three layers material included, copper foil, thermal conductive film, and base metal.

Mass Lamination Service

To focus on PCB applications in impedance controlled, HDI and high layer count designs, TUC offers customer not only a total solution combined facility from CCL expertise and PCB interlayer processes, but also production flexibility and cost savings.