TUC delivers speed, reliability and value
with TU-872 LK/ SLK

The toughness enhanced by an allyl network forming compound in a patent pending technology.

- Dk 3.8; Df 0.009 @10GHz
- High Tg 200 °C/DSC; High Td 340°C/TGA and Survives 10X IR-reflow @260 °C
- Improved z-axis thermal expansion less than 2.5%


Halogen Free Materials

- Environmental friendly materials for lead-free processing compatible
- High thermal reliability and low z-axis thermal expansion
- For mobile communications,servers, base stations and office routers applications
- No-flow and mid-flow Prepreg for rigid-flex and IC Substrate (Cavities) applications


High Thermal Reliability Laminates

- Lead free processing compatible
- Excellent coefficient of thermal expansion
- For servers,base stations, Automotive and consumer
   electronics applications

TUC Products:


TUC Receives First IPC-4101 QPL Certification

Taiwan Union Technology Corporation successfully completed intensive audit based on IPC’s foremost standard on base materials for laminates and prepregs: IPC 4101, Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

台燿科技於1997年起成功轉型跨足銅箔基板(Copper Clad Laminate)與黏合片(Prepreg)之生產製造,持續提供全球電子產業所需的一流品質、服務及及高附加價值的基礎材料與多層壓合...



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